Why Arsenal Need Granit Xhaka Back In The Starting Lineup For The North London Derby Against Tottenham Hotspur.

Granit Xhaka was one of the best midfielders in PL last season and it was recognized by CIES but he never got the credit for it since Arsenal finished 8th. Xhaka is the ultimate litmus test in football. Almost 95% Arsenal fans in social media have sheep mentality and they just go by what the media or some big account says but only a few of them form opinions by themselves.

Xhaka is being targeted by the English Media because they obviously hate Arsenal players and Most Arsenal fans love to always scapegoat a player everyseason and Xhaka has been a scapegoat for Arsenal fans since Emery days(But He’s been top 2 Arsenal players since Arteta came).

Xhaka has made 8 errors leading to goals in 5 years(1.6 errors a season which isn’t even high). But Xhaka scores a lot more goals from deep than many midfielders which more than compensates his errors. For Example ,Xhaka has scored 10 more non penalty goals than Jorginho which alone more than compensates his 8 errors in 5 years. For Arsenal fans ,Partey has been taking so many shots and is still yet to score a goal.

All the managers, players rate him very highly. He was the first name on the team sheet for Wenger, Emery, Arteta and here’s a great quote on Xhaka from Mourinho. The Portuguese coach said, ” Granit Xhaka is the main man in the entire Arsenal midfield. You can’t see it unless I lend you one of my eye. Without him, Arsenal is lost. He is a leader. Remember, mistakes are made by humans.”

Granit Xhaka continued this form for Switzerland in the Euro 2020 as well. He completed 181 forward passes at Euro 2020, accounting for a total progressive distance of 1,924 meters, the most of any midfielder that made it to the round of 16 of the competition. The Switzerland captain, produced quite a stunning man of the match performance against World champions France to help his side eliminate them.

Granit Xhaka is the best Regista in the Premier League. Of all the midfielders to make most passes into the final third, he made the most passes into the final third and among the top five, he played the second least minutes in the Premier League. Below are the top five.

1.Xhaka-268 [2522 mins]

2.Rodri-239 [2748 mins]

3.Højberg-235 [3420 mins]

4.Tielemans-212 [3357 mins]

5.Thiago-207 [1854 mins]

Equally, Granit Xhaka, is among top five midfielders to make progressive passes:

1.Bruno -227 [3099 mins]

2.Xhaka-213 [2522 mins]

3.Tielemans-206 [3357 mins]

4.Højberg-193 [3420 mins]

5.Thiago-184 [1854 mins]

You can clearly see Xhaka has the best passing stats even while maintaining very high ball retention (90% Successful Pass Percentage). A Regista’s (Or Even any midfielder while in possession) main job is to progress the ball well and Xhaka is simply the best in that in Premier League. Xhaka’s Goalimpact shows he’s the most important player for Arsenal and we simply play much much better with him compared to without him.

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