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Verstappen on same level with Schumacher and Alonso, says 2009 F1 champion.

Max Verstappen has been named among the best drivers former F1 champion, Jenson Button raced with in his 17 year F1 career.

Jenson Button was on Sky Sports F1 ‘vodcast’ and was asked which drivers he rated as the best he raced against during his F1 career, Button named Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and Mika Hakkinen.

Having raced with Verstappen for only two years before his retirement in 2017,(and havig raced against Verstappen senior, Max’s Dad) Button put the young Dutch driver on par with all these multiple F1 champions.

He said, “l have to say Max Verstappen. I didn’t race with him for many years, but seeing his performances in tricky conditions like in Brazil 2016, I mean that is just out of this world, staggering, what he can do with the car.

“Hr always arrives at Turn 1 and he looks totally out of control with the car, and any other driver would have crashed five times by the time he turns into Turn 1. But he just keeps it away from all other cars and just threads the needle.”

The 2009 champion was also full of praise for his former rival, Sebastian Vettel and predicted a return to form for the four time world champion.

Button continued, “Vettel winning four titles on the bounce was a big deal, I really do think. He is struggling a little bit more now I would say, going through some tough times with a competitive team mate (Charles Leclerc) but I think it’s going to make him a better driver.

“I think he’s made some silly mistakes, which I’m sure he would say were silly as well. But I also think he’ll come out the other side of this as a better driver, I really do. He’s got Leclerc who’s really pushed him and beaten him throughout a season, so I think he’ll come back stronger. He has immense talent, and we’ll see that once we get racing this year.”

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