Arsenal Transfer News: Latest Update On James Maddison Other Arsenal Transfer Targets Along With Contract Talks For Hector Bellerin And Granit Xhaka

James Maddison

Arsenal’s mediator Darren Robinson has engaged in heart-pounding talks with his Leicester City counterparts about a number of possible combinations of an offer that would lure the “Foxes” to the table for official peer-to-peer negotiations with Arsenal. There is no breakthrough yet, but there are positive signs implied.

It is understood that Arsenal’s appointed mediator first inquired from his Leicester City counterparts whether an offer in the £50 million approximation would bring Leicester to the negotiating table, and the response was no. “The minimum Leicester City will listen to and consider is a £60m bid.”

On the sidelines of the same talks, the mediator in charge of the negotiations asked about the feasibility of Arsenal offering a £60 million package with the combination of “a player and a sum of money” to bring Leicester City to the negotiating table, but those involved in Leicester City do not see this option as realistic or tangible.

Leicester City stakeholders believe that one or two players may appeal to them and fulfill their needs in this window, but it is unlikely that Arsenal would accept their inclusion in such an exchange deal, and it is also inevitable that the two clubs’ assessment of the weight of the package will vary according to their evaluation of the proposed players.

Leicester City did not close the door on the mediator representing Arsenal in this round of talks, and did not give indications that there was a special deadline for this deal – for example before the start of the new season – which gave the mediator a positive impression that Leicester are open to negotiation once the £60 million arrive in cash.

Sources close to the event and familiar with Arsenal’s purchasing power in this window have already been indicated to sources. The final word in this file is not to provide the necessary funds to conclude the deal, but rather to avoid spending madly on one player and neglecting any gaps or shortages in one of the positions in the squad.

English press reports that surfaced recently about Arsenal’s intention to keep Granit Xhaka and Hector Bellerin and offer them renewal offers to some extent indicate that Arsenal wants to provide sufficient cover in these two areas, allowing the club to focus its resources on strengthening the goalkeeper’s position and adding a player. creative.

Sources close to Hector Bellerin say that the player has not yet received an official renewal contract, and the camp is still evaluating all options and listening to those interested in the player’s services. “There is still a lot left for the summer window to pass,” the same source added.

In the ideal circumstances, Arsenal would like to resolve the fate of the right-back before they descend with full weight in the negotiations with Leicester City, whether by keeping Bellerin and having enough cover in the center, or by leaving and compensating him internally or externally with a new deal to fill the gap of his exit if he leaves. The player’s camp is not in a hurry on the other hand.

The developments that took place last night, with the imminent departure of Joe Willock, with a permanent transfer deal to Newcastle, with an amount of about 25 million pounds, are positive in the club’s efforts to chase its #1 goal, James Madison. Theoretically, the club may use this amount to raise its oral proposal submitted by the mediator and crystallize it into a formal written proposal.

The feeling after sources spoke with people close to the conversations surrounding James Maddison is that Arsenal are willing to compromise with Leicester City over the James Madison deal. The mediator’s messages informing Arsenal of Leicester’s intention to negotiate at the £60m barrier did not alienate or discourage the club, but rather the opposite.

Arsenal are making slow strides behind the scenes in the James Maddison deal, but it is important and on the right track. The deal is still not close to happening and there is no guarantee deed on it due to the absence of negotiations and official offers, but the club is expected to intensify its efforts in the remainder of the time in this window.

He understands that the preparatory work for James Madison’s deal with the player’s camp preceded the signing of Martin Odegaard for months, and therefore he is the number 1 option for the club. As we mentioned in January, Odegaard may provide a viable alternative if objective number 1 cannot be signed.

It is understood that talks between Arsenal and Martin Odegaard’s camp are currently inactive, and the lines of communication have been cold between the two parties for a while, but that may change if the club reaches a dead end in the James Madison deal. The indications do not indicate that the Madison deal is currently impossible, especially after the “feelings” talks.

The next few weeks could bring a lot, with Arsenal sources repeating: “Just judge our work in the closed transfer window.” What is certain is that the club is still working on the James Madison deal, and the little news that appears to the public does not necessarily mean that there is no real work in this file.

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