A New Naval Base To Be Established in Kano State, Nigeria, Which Is A Complete Dry Land

Reports reaching us here indicates that a new Naval Base, is set to be established in Kano State, Nigeria after Naval Board approved it. Kano State is a North Western State in Nigeria and like all core Northern States in Nigeria, Kano State is a complete dry land and almost not suitable for a Naval Base in a very reasonable clime.

According to reports, the Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abudullahi Ganduje, has already allocated 100 hectares of land earlier on Wednesday for the new Naval Base to be located in the State.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo paid a courtesy visit to the Governor to thank him for the allocation of the land and he noted that the new Naval Base will contribute to showcase the efforts of the Nigerian Navy in keeping Nigeria as one.

Nigerians from various works of life, have reacted to the news, have registered serious concerns as to why a Naval Base will be established in a complete dry land area of the country, leaving many coastal States and towns.

Nigerians are already demanding a cogent explanation for the location of the the Naval Base in Kano State because the Federal government of Nigeria, at this rate, can move the Ports, to either Kano or Katsina State if there are siting a Naval Base in Kano. But in Nigeria, of Muhammadu Buhari, explanations does not exist for many irrational decisions


A Naval Base is a Seaport where Naval Ships are kept when there are not on Sea or when the ships needs to be maintained or housed somewhere.

In a sane clime like the United States of America or the United Kingdom, Naval Bases are located in coastal regions. A Naval Base has to be by the Sea, because it has to do with the Navy, and almost all Naval operations are carried out on the Sea.

This is yet another indication the lopsided nature of the present Buhari administration, because there is no possible explanation for siting a naval base in a complete dry land.

Over the years, Nigeria have gotten a lot of things terribly wrong, things like, siting of an oil refinery in Kaduna State. It makes no sense, whatsoever. Kaduna has no business with oil refinery, since there is no crude oil in the State. The location of a Naval Base in Kano State is up there with the oil refinery in Kaduna State as the most clueless decisions made by the Nigerian government over the years.

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