1. 50 cent

In the movie “All Things Fall Apart”, 50 Cent lost 54 pounds in nine weeks after liquid dieting and running on a treadmill 3 hrs a day so to play a cancer patient perfectly in the movie.

50 Cent.

2. Christian Bale

To prepare for a role in “The Machinist”, he lived on just an Apple a day for a length of time and then put on 100 pounds of muscle to play Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins”

He’s like the GOAT of transformations, he has done it countless times.

Christian Bale

3. Halle Berry

In her acting debut “Jungle Fever”, Halle Berry didn’t shower for EIGHT WEEKS to play a crack-cocaine addict.

Halle Berry

4. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger spent a month locked in a hotel room to get ready for his role as Joker. He wanted to get in touch with how unpredictable a psychopath could be.

Heath Ledger

5. Leonardo Dicaprio

An avowed vegetarian, ate raw bison, slept in an animal carcass and withstood freezing temperatures to portray frigid frontiersman Hugh Glass in the movie “The Revenant”

Leonardo Dicaprio

6. James McAvoy

To prepare for his role as Charles Xavier in Xmen: First Class, James McAvoy shaved his head only to learn that Xavier had a full head of hair In the prequel. He had to wear extensions.

James McAvoy

7. Robert De Niro

To play his beautiful role in “Taxi Driver”, Robert De Niro got a real taxi license and drove people around New York for 12 hours a day.

Robert De Niro

8. Bryan Cranston

To play a convincing Walter White in “Breaking Bad”, Bryan Cranston learned how to make meth by the help of DEA.

Bryan Cranston

9. Jamie foxx

To portray the blind musician Ray Charles, he had to glue his eyes shut for up to 14 hours a day during filming. Foxx also lost 30 pounds, as to more accurately convey what Charles’ body looked like after his heroin addiction.

Jamie Foxx

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