3 Movies to watch this Weekend.

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After a very tough and tedious week of working, to make ends meet for yourself and probably your family, it is only normal for you to pick any form of relaxation, so that you can be able to relax your nerves over the weekend, in readiness for the up coming working days after the weekend.

There are various forms of relaxation available, ranging from going to the movies, watching sports, hanging with friends, going on a weekend trip with your spouse and child(ren), if any, and many other forms of relaxation more convenient for you.

In the event you choose going to the movies or, better still, decide to watch movies at home with your spouse and children, we have selected three movies we will like you to include in the movies you have already selected to watch this weekend.

However your week went, it is only advisable for you to relax, as you simply cannot allow your wins or loses during the week define your personality. I’ve got some movies that will make your weekend a wonderful one. Below are the 3 selected movies.

3 Movies to watch this Weekend.

1.Life in year

Based on a true life story. This movie is a young adult romance movie. The love, truly genuine, and passion were well communicated with so much intense emotion. You’d feel you are watching live scenes recorded in video and played on screen.

2.If I stay

Ever heard stories about people who are in a coma and their spirit roam around? Well, these guys could have lay hands on one Nollywood script.

In the end, Mia was the only survivor of the accident that claimed the rest of her family members.

3.Endless love

The phrase “This our love will never die”, is not always true, especially when the lady comes from a wealthy home and the guy is not from a wealthy home. It will always end up in premium tears, especially for the guy in question.

Don’t let me spill it all out for you. Get to see for yourself as the story unravel in your presence. Just sit back, grab your pop corn and ice cream, and enjoy these movies. As we all know, movies are mostly enjoyed with your better half, you two alone, as some scenes in the movies could be rated +18. Enjoy.

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